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Graduates of the Voronezh State University

Voronezh State University (VSU) was founded in 1918 on the basis of one of the oldest European universities – the University of Derpt (or Yuriev). In the past years of its history the University has trained over 100 thousand specialists. Among the University’s graduates are Nobel Prize-winners, USSR and Russian State Prize-winners, academicians, ministers, Honoured Scientists and Honoured Culture Experts. Graduates of the University work in 126 countries of the world. More than 230 professors, academicians, doctors of Science and over 700 assistant professors work now at the University providing tuition in 70 specialities and directions, 140 specializations, Master’s and PhD programs. More than 21 thousand students, post-graduate students, doctorate research scholars and trainees are trained at the 18 programs of the University. Among them are 800 international students from Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Voronezh State University provides preparation of highly qualified specialists on different levels. Graduates receive Bachelor’s Diplomas (4 years of studies), Master’s Diplomas (6 years of studies), Diplomas of Candidate and Doctor of Science. The University is proud of its Botanical Garden, a unique natural reserve, the territory of which has preserved the fauna of the pre-glacial period. The University also comprises 5 scientific research institutes, one of the biggest scientific library in Russia, a printing-house, a publishing house, 8 museums, a sport complex, 5 subsidiaries, 4 lyceums and colleges, the University district uniting several higher educational establishments, technical colleges and 100 schools of the Region, a system of Students’ hostels and cafeteria, Cultural Centers of several European countries and the USA, an Internet Center. Aero-Space, Geological, Pharmaceutical, Radioelectronic, Environment Protection, Photochemical and other Scientific and Research Centers were organized on the basis of partnership with the leading enterprises of the Region and the Academy of Science of the Russian Federation.


Institute of International Education

The Institute of International Education

The Institute of International Education is in charge of establishing and maintaining international links and collaboration of the Voronezh State University and is authorized to carry out the following work:

· Russian language courses:
will give beginners the necessary Russian language skill for its practical use.

· academic collaboration of the VSU with educational institutions abroad and international organizations, funds and programs;

· admission of international students to studies at the University;

· pre-university preparation for international students;

· working out and realization of programs of Russian as a Foreign Language;

· testing in Russian as a Foreign Language (for foreigners within the framework of the State System of Testing);

· social and psychological adaptation of international students for the conditions of living and studies in Russia; extra-curriculum activities, sport clubs, concerts, festivals and other cultural and entertainment events.

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Voronezh State University

Teaching is provided by the following Programs:

- Biology and Soil Science: Biology, Soil Science.

- Geography and Geoecology: Geography, Environment Protection and Rural Resources Management, Ecology and Rural Resources Management.

- Geology: Geological Photography and Mineral Layers Research, Geology, Geophysics, Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology.

- Journalism: Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising.

- History: History, Political Science.

- Computer Sciences: Informational Systems and Technologies, Mathematics, Computer Sciences.

- Mathematics: Mathematics.

- International Relations: International Relations, World Economy, Regional Studies.

- Applied Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics: Applied Mathematics, Mechanics, Applied Mathematics and Informatics.

- Romance and Germanic Philology: the English Language and Literature, the French Language and Literature, the German Language and Literature, the Spanish Language and Literature, Japanese, Theory and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures, Translation and Translation Science, Theoretical and Applied Linguistics.

- Pharmacy: Pharmacy.

- Physics: Physics, Radio-physics and Electronics, Microelectronics and Semi-conductor Devices.

- Philology: Philology, Social Pedagogics, Arts and Humanitarian Sciences.

- Philosophy and Psychology: Philosophy, Psychology, Cultural Studies.

- Chemistry: Chemistry, Materials Study and New Material Technologies.

- Economics: Management, Economics, Labour Economics, Finance and Credit, Accounting, Analysis and Audit, Company’s Management, Marketing, State and Municipal Administration, Mathematical Methods in Economics, Personnel Management.

- Law: Law.

- The Institute of International Education

- Business School

- Qualification Upgrading.

Voronezh State University

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Voronezh State University

The Voronezh State University is a big scientific and research center, which is well-known in Russia and abroad.

24 academicians and corresponding members of Russian Academies of Science, over 1300 professors, assistant professors, lecturers and research assistants are conducting scientific and research work at the University. 35 University scientists are members of academies and scientific organizations abroad.

Over 50 University scientists are awarded the titles of Honoured Scientists of the Russian Federation, Russian State Prize-winners, Honoured Higher Educationalists. Many scientists of the VSU are awarded certificates and medals of Russian and International Competitions and Exhibitions.

The University Staff are conducting research work on 214 topics, being financed by grants from Russian Fund of Fundamental Research, Russian Fund of Humanities Scientific Research, Ministry of Education, Programs – “Russian Universities – Fundamental Researches”, “Integration” and other international funds.

VSU is one of the leading Russian universities that offers preparation for scientific and pedagogical work. About 500 Russian and Foreign post-graduates take 72 research degree courses at VSU every year, comprising all the specter of Humanitarian and Natural Sciences.
There are 22 scientific expertise councils supervising doctorate research work and 5 councils for PhD studies in 47 scientific specialities.

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Voronezh State University

 The Voronezh State University has established links with 74 Higher Educational Institutions from the USA, Germany, Great Britain, France, China, Malaysia, Macedonia, Iraq, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia, etc.

The University maintains active collaboration with international organizations, funds and programs: UNESCO, European Council, TEMPUS (TACIS), IREX, INTAS, USIA, American Councils for International Education – ACTR, Soros, Fullbright, Muskie Programme, German Service of Academic Exchanges (DAAD), International Scientific Fund, American Mathematical Society, “Volkswagen-Stiftung” Programme, etc.

The Voronezh State University is one of the biggest Russian centres of teaching international students. The University was one of the first centres in the former USSR and Russia to offer educational programs for students from foreign countries. Since 1962 over 14 thousand international students, post-graduates and exchange students from 126 countries of Europe, America, Asia and Africa have been taught at the University.

The University offers the following academic options:

· Pre-University Programme – 1 year

· Full Degree Courses: BA, BSc degree programs (4 years), Diploma Specialist Programme (5 years), Master’s Degree Programs (6 years, for those with BA/BSc – 2 years).

· Included Education for visiting students (1 semester, 1 year, 2 years)

· PhD Programs (taught in Russian and European languages)

· Post-doctorate Studies

· Training Courses (taught in Russian and European languages)

· Courses of Qualification Upgrading

· Russian Language Courses

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In the 40 years of its existence the Institute of International Education has been teaching international applicants for studies at the VSU and other higher educational institutions of Russia and the former USSR. At present it is considered to be one of the biggest centres offering pre-university courses designed to bring students to the standard required for admission to full-time degree programs in humanities, medicine, economics, engineering and natural sciences. Pre-university studies are based on up-to-date pedagogical technologies, original educational techniques and methods that make use of audio-, video- and computer equipment. This enables the students within 8-10 months of studies to master the Russian Language, systematize and enrich their knowledge in special majoring disciplines.

The teaching process is actively supported by working in multimedia classes and educational TV studio.

Tuition of international students is carried out at the basis of intensive technologies at the short-term summer Russian Language courses as well as 3, 6 or 8-month courses during the academic year.

Much attention is paid to first-hand acquaintance of international students with the history, culture and traditions of the Russian people. Academic studies are combined with trips and excursions, visits to museums, exhibitions, theatres and concerts.

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