Study in Russia

You awake are pleasantly surprised by the low price of residing and training in Voronezh.
Voronezh is a large city in the south of Central Russia, not far from Ukraine. It is located on the river Voronezh and is the administrative center of Voronezh Oblast. Population (census 1802): 848,700.
Voronezh was founded in 1586 by tsar Feodor I as a fortress protecting the Russian state from the raids of invaders. However, settlements were present here since the Stone Age. The name Voronezh is also very old and its exact meaning is unknown. Tsar Peter the Great built his fleet here. During his reign Voronezh became the largest city of the Russian empire in the South and administrative centre of the large southern region.



Travel from Moscow to Voronezh by train, take about 10 hours.

Now Voronezh is the economical, industrial, cultural and scientific center of the so called Black Earth Region. In the city there are 7 theaters, 12 cinemas, 19 high schools; it is also home to Voronezh State University.

The city's large student population includes many foreigners as foreign students in Russia usually take one year of Russian language in Voronezh before moving on to universities elsewhere.

Around Voronezh there are a lot of kurgans and other interesting archaeological objects.

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